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Reviews for "Window Licker 02"


what the crap ? i didnt get it ... sierously
i saw somekinda plot but i lost it... im confused

Coffee-lock responds:


Deserves a higher score

Definitely <3

Odd name for a movie...

Where did you come up with the title "window Licker" ....I ask this because we coined that term at the Theatre I work at ...its a nice way of calling "special " people special without offending them , or having people outside of our little ring know whaat we are talking about.

Coffee-lock responds:

I got it from the song "Window Licker" by Aphex Twin.
I used that song in the first episode of Window Licker, but this oen I didin't.
But yeah, I guess this movie is "special". :(

5 :D

thanks for the cameo :)

keep it up

Pretty damn funny!

Really nice graphics too. Although, I was a bit disappointed. I thought this was going to be an Aphex Twin video, guess not :( May I ask what prompted you to name this flash windowlicker? Anyway, keep up the good work, not only was this halarious, the graphics were outstanding. FIFENED!!!

Coffee-lock responds:

Cheers mate :)
I named it "Window Licker", because the first episode in this series had it in it.
And besides, it's an awesome name anyway.