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Reviews for "Window Licker 02"

Dear mister coffee:

Represent nigga, BOOYA!


that was some awesome animation

wb poisonshroom


Coffee-lock responds:

Ah, thank you!
Good to be back. Or something.

Erm, yea...

That makes no sense what-so-ever. What the hell is up with the 'Clock Crew' anyhow, oh, and I didnt really know that keys could bleed, you know, cause theyre made out of metal and all.

Coffee-lock responds:

If you're going to be like that, Mushrooms don't talk either.
I'm sorry if my movie was not "correct", but it is a cartoon.
And we all know cartoons are meant to be serious and correct.

pretty gay if you ask me but i have seen worse

not the worst but nothin special
I can't recommened wasting time on it
at least it loaded fast

Coffee-lock responds:


False Advertising

I thought it was going to be an aphex twin flash... :(