Reviews for "Bed Time"

I like the narrative aspect

I found the fact that nearly the whole movie was spurted out of Kirby's mind amusing in itself. Specially at the end with the Joanna's stated opinion of the story.

It was all fairly amusing, but as a person unfamiliar with the series, some stuff may have not had its full effect. Hence, it got only 1 chuckle from me. (the ending)

The parody of stories written by children could have been taken further, with some unnecessary detail (narrated extremely quickly of course) and maybe a bit more randomness.

Also, maybe a sort of crayon effect may have been a nice stylistic choice for Kirby's story.

Still, fairly amusing.


Wow that was awesome. It had nothing to do with anything in particular... but o guess it ade sense...


ok, well, pointless. not bad. the graphics were very good. but...uh...it was boring. try again.


odd but ok i guess

humor kiby gives that away easy,sometimes <_<

weird kirby writes weird stories especillay when he says you cant go cause im a bald jerk or peace in the middle east