Reviews for "Bed Time"

as usuall..

always a kick ass flash.

How nifty!

Kirby is so CUTE! I love him! >^^< And I like how the castle was so...detailed...^^; lmao

Clap clap clap

Its great, really.

I always love the PK movies

Make more, it is my command.
This may not be the best of your movies but it still had a charm about it and was a nice little movie. Keep it up and hope to see a new PK movie soon.

Joanna is still really sexy. I'm sorry, I just can't get over that! She's still in skimpy clothes! Anyway, I really did like the setup of this cartoon. I like Kirby making his own story. He really does come off as being like a little kid in this.

It was a little too short, though. I like how goofy some of the animation is. It's more cartoonish in some areas. I like how Neil is antagonized. It is pretty heartwarming at the end.