Reviews for "Bed Time"

thats realy funny but...

i saw that kirby spelled "deep" insted of "deed"which i thought was funny

My 2nd/3rd favorite

It was almost as good as your movie, "A Midnight Snack" I'm pretty new to Newgrounds, but i really like all of your Kirby movies.

MMK then...

Not the best of your flashes, but good nonetheless. Good job. 8/10. Graphics could use a little work. >.<

oh my god run away!

we all need to flee from our homes, the grizzlesharks are rejoicing! god help- we interrupt this message to tell you that the kirby movie, bed time, is totally the best movie in history!! the world has started celebrating with cookies, but im going home to soak my face in chocolate ice cream. im out of here.

Then, a Grizzle-Shark apeared!

HAHAHA! That was funny, as always. Why didn't kirby get a third wish? Did he wish for Hyrule Castle? Or did he wish for the knife in his teddy bear? I KNOW! He wished for the kiss Jo gave him at the end. Right? Eh? Right? Or did peace in the middle east count? Oh well.

Slayer: My review is ruined...
Kirby: NOT TODAY!!
*Grizzle-Shark appears*