Reviews for "Bed Time"


That sounds like kirby!

Liked it

That was the most entertaing story I have ever heard, because of all the randomness and the funny references to the evil king. Keep up the good work.

kirby is a wheel watcher

My solution to the puzzle in tis movie is
Kirby's Crazy Clamatic Crappy Catastropee

What a vivid imagination.

Like she said, it makes no sense. How could Neil give him cancer? Why would Zelda give him the deed to Hyrule Castle for something she didn't see? When is PK4 coming out? Why couldn't his 'fairy hot-lady' grant his wish for peace? And why does he sleep with a machete?

breath taking.....

wow... who would think kirby could be such a good novel writer lol nice work u should make a sequal i think thats how u spell it...