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Reviews for "LV - 426 Brothel"

dam wish i had a pet like that obedient and friendly to the owner awesome artwork dude

JoSilver responds:

Thanks dude... but am I going to have to call ASPCA on your ass. :D

Good concept and good art. I'd like to see some more of this actually the Xenomorph i mean.

I would def love to mate with a Xenomorph and make more babies than insects and bunnies lol.

JoSilver responds:

Thanks. I'll see what I can whip up.

alien porn.....BEST IDEA EVER!

I wanna see a flash game of this Alien too! Love the spiked pink collar and that angle too fucking sexy! The only thing this pick needs is more pussy juice squirting out of the Alien girl, and I mean gratuitous amounts of pussy juice and cum. Please make this a game, maybe give players the option of customizing their own Xeno-girl, like in a xenomorph cloning lab or something. Give players the option to dial up or dial down the amount of pussy juice she squirts while being fucked and while she orgasms. Maybe you can even throw in some lactation, a titjob, bukkake (with no limit on how much cum you can shoot on her or where), gratuitous creampies, and anal-play. If you can make this happen then please do, this pic alone is just stupid amounts of sexy! Keep up the great work!

make a flash game or a movie plaese