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Reviews for "Yu-Gi-Oh Trailer"


that was awsome..doesent really have anything to do with yugioh but i dont really care anyway starwars is way better im not a big fan of yugioh u should make a movie of real people with lightsabers fighting and like make it into a storie and stuff that would be awsome

Blood has been spilled this night

Death has come to Bahamut7 and if he cares to disagree, beware of rogue demons influencing reality and muttering false thoughts into the minds of the unworthy. He IS dead and so will anyone else who cannot comprehend the way TRULY magnificent minds work.

As the founder of the Official Team Lorio Fanclub, I, as always, commend your superiority and rank it unmeasurably closely to that of our own. We will meet in combat, young padawans of comedy. Watch for the coming of the D2-Crew and the also equally magnificent Diafro series. That wasn't promotion, it was advertisement, beware of the demons Admin.


I like it lotsadoodle. But... I want Yu-Gi-Oh 1920 still! STUPID TAKES TOO LONG!

Oh yea, to that guy above me, watch the series first.
It came first.
Its funnier.
Everybody loves Picard.


love you guy's (but not i a gay way)

In minds far, far away from sanity is really the best way too describeb this series

what the Hell,lol.

That was a completly random movie. I though It had to do with Yu-Gay-Ho. But then I watch it and it has to do with some dudes running around doing random stuff. I dont get?