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Reviews for "Yu-Gi-Oh Trailer"

Im damm confused...

wtf has to do those start wars dudes wit yugioh? and y in the world would nt u name it just "star wars trailer"..... o, and at the end the kid grabs the double saber in th bottom wit the hand, consider changing that before submitting it anywhere...

er yea got 1 yu gi image rest of spoof was great



Good job with the light sabers. You even had someone grab the light on the double sided one, and yet nothing happened -_-.

An excellent use of various copyrighted materials.

Although I'm sure you have not payed royalties on a single one.

I am not sure what this was. Inside jokes do not play well with the average Newgroundite, unless it is in the form of an entertaining piece of flash. But this just appeared to me as a collection of random video of people sword fighting with paper towel rolls to the Star Wars theme.


how was that even yugioh............well at least the star wars part was kind of funny