Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

I like it

very relexing and fun to listen to.

hjcrbass responds:

Glad you like it!!
:) *smile*

sweet, i can fuck with it!

i really love this, its so chilled, easy going, and mellow. the kind of shit u kick back to and listen to while admiring the scenery. for your first submission this is really good stuff. keep em coming! a full version of something similar would be nice.

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks JoovyXL,

A full version is not in agenda, but it will be made someday. Glad you like it!!!

its really good

this is such great elavator music i was wondering if i could use this in a game im making

hjcrbass responds:

Hi Marsgames! >.<
Of course you can use it in a game. Remember to add me in the credits for my loop. That'll be all. Glad you like it, and I hope you games comes out pretty cool.


If you can do this with garage band, can't wait to see what you can come up with when using some of the heavyweight workstations.

hjcrbass responds:

productions on Logic Studio coming soon... yeah!


Hey, I would like to use this. Could you please send me a pm so that we can discuss it?

hjcrbass responds:

Sending PM now....
but just in case I also writing here 'cause PM have fail me so many times.
Well, you know how it works here in NG and pretty much anywhere else, as long as you credit me on your flash or game it's fine by me. I think that's the whole point of sharing your stuff on NG.
Thanks for writing and pardon the delay, you got me on the middle of me moving to another house. Such a hassle...