Reviews for "bossa nova loop"


im gonna make a vid vv/ dis xD submitting 2day maybe...

hjcrbass responds:

Go ahead and make a vid. Glad to be of inspiration!!!


This is awesome! I have been looking for a little track like this to use in a vid, is it alright if I use it? You will recieve credit for it obviously

hjcrbass responds:

Hi Lechimp89,

sorry for the delayed response... Christmas break was crazy. Anyways, YES, of course you can use this track for your vid. As long as you credit my work you will be fine.
Take care!!!


i got a request. can you make it in like 2-3 minutes? because most of the songs i download i put it in my iphone and play it in my car to chill. so if you can message me, thanks! keep it up

hjcrbass responds:

Hi biomusic,

it is not in my agenda anytime soon, but I will do an extended version of this loop.
Thanks for the review!

Oh my god!

This is an amazing composition, hjcrbass!!

I have used it in an elevator scene for a small personal 3D Game Development project - It fits perfectly! I can't stop listening to it. The "owl" sounds are a beautiful touch and are really a subtle compliment to the jazzy feel!

I wish you would make an extended version, so i could listen to this on my iPod and enjoy your music. :)

I look forward to your future audio submittions~

Chillaxin in the elevator with my pina colada, yo

Elevator music...in some kind of tropical paradise.