Reviews for "bossa nova loop"


it's...almost like something you'd listen to in a random menu on the Wii...

hjcrbass responds:

Yeap... it does sounds Wii like. It wasn't my intention but it's cool that now I know I'm capable of Wii like music. Thanks goku3627.

Lol. This song makes me tingle.

Well put together. I like it a lot.

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks Duffany1!!!


please make it LONGER, i love it, it makes me feel like im living in a resot or a lagoon. its SOOO relaxing, please make a longer one that lasts for maybe 15 minutes.
awesome work!!

hjcrbass responds:

hahaha LOL ... 15 minutes might be to much...
Glad you love it!!
Thanks for the review, conradxu.
PS - Someday there will be an extended version.

Instance 10 in just 2 seconds

Absolutely favourite type of Jazz.

Subtle tone, mellow and passive :)

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks AOS17,
this kind of latin jazz style is called bossa nova. Glad you like it!

This is absolutely perfect! :D