Reviews for "Pube Muppet SBC Volume 8"

What kind of piece of shit establishment is this?

It was aight, not too much different from the past few Pube Muppet volumes. It's starting to get trite and played out, so I'm glad Strawberry is ending it at volume 10. You can only talk about scat and taboo sexual fetishes for so long before it loses its affect and starts to get old. Goatse and the end of Sushi were pretty hilarious, though.

Worth a watch if you're Pube Muppet fan. 3'd.

Good job

you remember talking to Justice240sx right? im him. and this is the crap im talking about. make more.and plz tell me the new collection's title name.


YAY I love pube muppet's stories


crude doesn't equal funny. And you sure as hell didn't do this to look good.

JEEZ how can a person stand watching this.

This is just pure shit. Just a bunch of made up crap that uses gay and disgusting sexual terms throughout the entire thing. If you have any other pube muppet episodes on this site im suprised as hell why anyone would give them a good vote.