Reviews for "Pube Muppet SBC Volume 8"


A new idea again: DRAW YOUR OWN PUBE MUPPET!!
A great collection as ever, nothing less from you great guys.
All hail to SBC and his fellows, they should rule the world!!


God... just.. god... XP

I'm still trying to figure out were the humor is in a bunch of puppets made of pubic hair discribing violent sex is funny. Maybe it's just me (which I doubt), but it just doesn't seem that funny.... at all!

Oh, a word of advice, you might wanna experiment with punuation on yer voice program. An out of place comma in the text can make a big difference in the audio I find.

I had actual enjoyment!

and not just from what the noobs wrote, but from the flash itself! nice job!


OGM! After months of waiting I can finally keep laughing at teh Muppet!!! This rules!!1!11

Good job my good man

Newgrounds is not a piece of shit establishment thanks to this