Reviews for "Extreme Farm Sim"

fun but...

its ok i think but u get bored very soon


All the levels are the same, but with more UFOs as you go up.

Good but...

I enjoyed this game but it would need a wepon upgrade system or power ups, except that the game is good.

Hola. iz me again.

the only issue i had on this game wich is the only thing keeping me from giving it a 10, is the lack of the ability to move AND shoot. after 1 round would be shot, i would be stuck unless i jumped wich didnt help much when their trying to drop bombs on you. lol. you end up jumping right into them. other than that, great game over all, good concept, but maybe some new weapons? i could see this game being extremely fun with that... >:D ANYWAY good job keep it up.


everything else=0pts

this is a really boring game...zzzzzzzz