Reviews for "Extreme Farm Sim"

cool cows

cool game but, pretty boring..

cool i think

cool dude but i hate drawings

Bout it...

It's a pretty fun game. I think it was your first game cuz i dont see anything what improves its quality. It needs some upgrades, new levels,weapons,enemies I think. Logic, it'll be better if u remake it... Litta'Tip:Try to do customizable heros, levels,enemys,weapons etc.. or sumthin like that !! usually itz okay game ill give it eiht cuzz my granpda has a cow!! **laugh** lol RELOAD IT WTTFFFFFF??? FUCKTIY!!

Simple, silly fun

maybe a bit too simple, but still straight forward and again, quite silly, and I probably wouldn't even have played this game had it not been for the name, could be better, but it's just a flash game, i'm not looking for something to log countless hours into


I liked this game. The art style was a lot like Synj which I'm pretty sure you did on purpose, and the UFO craziness just made it more fun. I liked how the difficulty curve allowed you to get better and better as the game goes on.

I think you could improve by making more enemies and animals because as you got farther in it seemed to be a bit too repetitive.