Reviews for "O&A: 100 Grand Remix"

O&A are definatly funny

I loved when I heard that live. Despite how old it is it never gets old.


his face pff!!!

oh god these guys are the origional trolls

lol so fucked up

its reality tv on the radio-sorta

Personnally, I think thats all scripted, if there really being tricked by these guys sooner or latter there gonna get sued or shot or something, which is why i think its fake.

Anyway, good detatil with the faces. an area of improvement might be the background.
anyway, good job

Are you from MA?

The guy beating his meat was definitely Jim Norton, he's on WAAF all the time. I know your name is JohnnyUtah but are you from MA? Cuz if that was WAAF and i heard that guy say he's from Waltham then that would place you somewhere in Massachusetts, or at least New England. But in either case, you're shit is pretty funny, animation is always hilarious. Keep it up.