Reviews for "O&A: 100 Grand Remix"


What is with the guy who was jerking off?


Very funny. Kinda seemed like the call was worked (common with radio) but your animation made it a little more realistic especially when the caller couldn't spit it out about what he wanted to do with the 100 Grand, and you've got the bald guy as a distraction. Very creative and very funny!

Bald guy FTW

Seriously, I LoLed soo hard at that point!!
Great job.

I have a question

Why was that bald dude masturbating at that black haired dude,overall,hilarious.

JohnnyUtah responds:

i dont know either. 2004 was a DARK TIME in my life. fksflaifwefa vgh73


Did you used to put your flash's on camp chaos? Cause I used to gp to that site regularly. Just looks familar.

JohnnyUtah responds:

i did...I used to work there too.