Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

Dave you've done it again

That was amazing, I love the voices, and Suggestion Boy was a great touch, an even crappier superhero than Burnt Face Man! Can't wait to see what you do next!

you tipped the scales with this one

yall gotta give it up for this you know why.... because it is ORIGINAL. Ok not to be down on the whole newgrounds system but I've seen some shit that is lame and borring and has a stupid concept to it and in my minds eye it don't impress me but it makes a good rank on newgrounds BUT this IS original and somthing like this should be concidered... end of story.

Great googly moogly!

That was great. Everything was perfect. And to answer the guy before me, I think James Van der Beek is on Dawson's Creek. Not certain.


i know not to ask, but come on! that would be a great fucking movie, please? no....ok i guess its allright ::dies::

Your sense of timing is impeccable.

The way you present your jokes is fantastic. You rule. SONIC BOOM!