Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

Good but...

Well to be perfectly honest the first burnt face man was funnier. Maybe it was just the fake movie trailer theme of it all but, he hardly ever said or did the things that made the first one so kick ass.

Like he never called anyone a crime-inal; criminal or a shit. Craig the evil toilet was funny though. My advice (as though it matters) is to make one more like the first.

One line summary

Make more! Make more! Make more! Make a movie! Make more!

"Status of the waffles, Jim?..."

"They've been Roffled, sir."

Honestly, hilarious. Too many people try to compare your other works to Salad Fingers, and it just shouldn't be done that way. They are too different, but equally entertaining. I love BFM and think this was really, really funny.

I'll look forward to another "gay" adventure of Burnt Face Man my friend, please do more some day!

ill break its arms

nice job on this on too. the toilet was funnny. man burny face mans rocks on the guitar too. cool


Great vid! I loved the use of Michael Angelo Batio, lol. That was No Boundaries right?