Reviews for "Burnt Face Man's Trailer"

I Wish To Be You Dude...

Hello There, i am a big fan from you since scribbler and Salad Fingers 1
Recently a uploaded my first animation, well..it last two minutes online, then they blamed it XD
the problem whas...it whas in spanish, 'cause i'm from argentina (South America=Spanish Lenguage.....)
But well...
Not everyone can be David Firth.
From A Pit in the earth, oooone of your biggest fans
So long, and keeeeeep making this animationsssss

I've always been a fan...

That was great Mr. Firth, but I was expecting something of the same standard as the first Burnt Face Man. That flash, is one of the funniest I've seen, but this one let me down... only a little though... just a little. Make more Burnt face man episodes? I'm sure you can make a fight with paperwork dan, the paperwork man. He's the best, but craig the evil toilet lacks things to do in a fight when you think about it.

(You rock)

A Shame It'll Never Be Made

Burnt Face Man is The Best always has always will.

heh heh heh!

Will he ever defeat Craig the Evil Toilet!? I wouldn't let that guy weld a Coke can to my radiator either. He sure showed that toilet.
I've got to say, burnt face man is better than Salad Fingers. Well i think so anyway. I know tons of people would disagree.
Well done on that.

Comic Relief After Several "Serious" Submissions

After several serious/disturbing creations, Firth's next Flash involving Burnt Face Man creates some comic relief. With each BFM submission, we learn how absurd and ridiculous his character is. His crime-fighting methods are ridiculous (throwing a pop can, telling the police) and, as Rodney Dangerfield so eloquently put it, "he can't get no respect". This series proves to be one of Firth's best and my favourite.