Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

One of a Kind

In a weird way I wish this song wasn't so unique. I want more music JUST like this yet can never find it. Love

broove responds:

Try to search a bit harder, then you'll definately find some unique songs (they are somewhere outside).
Thank you, mate ;)


I listened to this on valentines day, jsut because my girl friend wasn't able to come and see me. I don't know if it made me more sad or if it cheered me up. But nice tune anyway. 10 stars and my tears for you mate!

broove responds:

thanks for listening ;)


Not sure about the name!But yet "it's a great song"!Tranquil.I can sit and imagine what happens next from one moment my future my past the present.It's apparent in the steps .As true as we are and how were not in an instance.Symphony of dance.Progression Signature and rest.Excellent

broove responds:

Hm.. Ookeey...
Thank you for the review. And listening. And Progression Signature and rest.


A beautiful song for a meaningful game.
It makes me want to cry when I listen to this.
There's not much more that I can say.
Great job man.

broove responds:

Glad you like it ;)

hope and power

this song penetrates my cold dark shell and brings out the warm light. it reveals the emotions i forgot i ever had. this song is the beacon of light in the everlasting storm in my soul. it heals my shattered spirit and makes me stronger.