Reviews for "[oove] Heartbeats"

Very peaceful

Do you know Einaudi Ludivico? sounds in harmony from his work i think lol

I really like this piece its great

broove responds:

Why, yes I do! I love his songs, and he's truly an inspiration to me. So I'm like in the same frequency...

thank you ;)



broove responds:

Thank you!

Keep as is.

Or expand it into a soundtrack theme with strings, brass, woodwinds, etc. Wow, this rivals alot of the soundtrack music I've been listening to recently. The piano sound isn't great, but this is quite the musical piece going here. Top-notch dude ;)


broove responds:

Thank you for the review ;)
The sound isn't great, indeed.


A track @ spot nr. 1 that actually deserves it? I don't believe it.

broove responds:

Oh, thank you..

I wish i could express how good this is...

But I just cant... I love all your music man thanks so much for bringing it to newgrounds...

broove responds:

Thank you for a review, man ;)