Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Way cool!

Just as usual.....Way cool!

im sorry kirbopher but u met a sprite master

this is a mazing ABSOLUTLY AMAZING a zoomed sprite that looked soooo cool i love ur stuff and im glad bass is still around hes badass

CheveLoco responds:

oh yeah everyone likes Bass hehe

Some update to the movie!?

Wow! Yes it's way improved. Voices now? Graphics still the same and great! Hey Rigo nice to see you again and your series. Hope the next one is going to kick more ass then this one.
Good luck on your next one man. If you want any help at all as well. Just look for me on aim. Well see you later and once again good luck.

CheveLoco responds:

thanks for the review man...if i need any help i'll be sure to contact u

Rigo rocks

Cool stuff sweet fighting and thats the fighting kinda music and who's that dude at the end the black one


Eres un maestro de los sprites. Todas tus peliculas de megaman son excelentes, en especial esta con los cambios de camara, las voces, escenarios, TODO.

This movie must win more prizes!