Reviews for "Hunter Zero Ep.2"

Nice job.

I remember seeing your submissions and i do have to say you very talented. keep up the good work

Sweet ass sprite movie!

So this is the series when all the voice acting comes allong. The voices that were picked out looked mighty well impersonated, (not exactly perfect, but well done) I wish I was a sprite animator and be as good as the best. (not to compete against anybody but for the love of sprites) You know what I mean?

CheveLoco responds:

yeah i know...i do hand drawn movies too, the newest one came out last november(God Warrios) and as i have said this will be my last srite movie

Very nice

The script is great so far and has some solid voice acting,the framerate was great but there wasn't too much action in this episode but it did have a lot of great plot to it so i'm sure the action is yet to come,overall it was enjoyable to watch.


NICE VOICES! Voices make the flash more awesome


its wily not wildy butyou took a lot of work into tht because i bet it took all nite creating those charecters thy look beter then sprites and y does protoman gt his ass kiked all the time