Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"

The Housemasta Dynasty has begun (2000-FOREVER)!

You have started a new era of music. I don't want to sound like everyone else, but your music is great, and you should behead those who put down your music and give you anything less than a ten. YOU ARE NUMBER 1!!!! WHOOOOO!!! OK. What I love about your music is that not only is it a Special Edition, but it still has parts of the Flying Cap Remix, and as long as it has relation to the remix before it, I'm happy!! Still your number 0 fan (better be!!), another job well done.

HouseMasta responds:

hahah thanks again! it should actually be from 2004 to present, as thats when i started remixing. thanks again for the straight 10s, love em!

Oh yes.

Oh god. This is great. Very VERY nicely layered to where it doesnt seem all clambored up. It just sounds so fresh and awaking then alot of the stuff being put onto the portal lately.

Congrats to you.

HouseMasta responds:

hey thanks for your rveiew!

Im glad you enjoyed it

verry nice

this one were much better than metal cap and vanish cap

keep up the good work!

HouseMasta responds:

metal cap > flying > vanish

Sounds great

Ahhh... the winged cap, i remember it being so much fun to start flying right out of a cannon.

I like the instruments used in this, overall another nice VG remix :D

HouseMasta responds:

mhmm thanks a lot!

It's pretty good!

SM64 is still a great game. Great job!

HouseMasta responds: