Reviews for "M64|Winged Cap Remix SE|Trance"

another MASTERPIECE...well done

very cool remix, keep at the kick ass work...

HouseMasta responds:

Thanks for your review dude!


You make teh best mario music on newgrounds or any uver site ive heard mario on. 9when i get teh thingy ima gonna put ur songs on me psp).

HouseMasta responds:

sweet, on your psp! thanks a lot man!

Another Gem

While listening to this song, I actually zoned out for a minute and imagined Mario flying through the air, which makes me want to find a way to make that daydream a reality in one of my movies. Oh, and I want to say thank you. For being just about the most musically talented member of NG. All of us fans should be lucky to have you around. I hope you continue doing this for more years to come.

HouseMasta responds:

lol awesome nostalgia, huh! i hope to continue too!

I want a Winged Cap now!

I know I won't be saying anything new, especially considering this review is well over a year late... -_-;;
But I have to say HM you captured the essence of the winged cap theme perfectly and made into such a wonderful trance/ambience mix.
Love it!! ^_^

HouseMasta responds:

thanks a lot WickedSmithy, im glad you enjoyed it, and its ok that your review is a year late. i still go back and respond to them all. thanks again!

What a great remix

This should be on the N64
I love it!

HouseMasta responds:

thanks- it should, shouldnt it?