Reviews for "Astronomosaurus GALACTIC GUARD"

This is all kinds of badass. I mean, a dinosaur playing galactic basketball is the thing dreams are made of.

Looks great man

This looks like something I would have imagined when I was five years old, because I was into everything. Space, dinosaurs, robots... You covered a lot of bases here. I love everything except for the background; I feel it could use a bit more detail or something, but the pieces in the front are supremo. Excellent work.

I-smel responds:

The backgorund is a real photo of the Horsehead Nebula; it's a countless array of stars across a section of sky that's billions of trillions the span of our sun- which is pretty amazing! That's a thing that exists in real life!

Not that I'm disagreeing with you, I just wanted to bring up that trivia somewhere.

i like his complete disregard for the beauty of planets. but i mean he has to steady himself on something right? if this is concept art for a game that game is going to be crazy.

i dont see what the red thing to the left is... a guy? some sort of space junk?

I-smel responds:

Oh it's a little astronaut robot dude fighting him. He's like a box with hands and feet.

And god, finally, someone who gets that he's hanging onto the planet! I thought in the game that hopefully I would play up the fact that he's DESTROYING CIVILIZATIONS EVERY SECOND.

nice drawing,i just think you should made the space too,because this real space doesn't really fit in the drawing,maybe some better colors...and his eye is a little bit weird,it doesn't make he looks like a badass haha,anyway,nice job mate.

I-smel responds:

Yeah, I hoped for him to have no eyes, and just for that symbol to be somewhere on his head- but the way it came out it just looks like his eye :/

I like the space shot, I think it's the best part. I'm gonna have to make my own space shots later anyway, so whatev.

It's not bad. the coloring looks nice and simplistic, and the spacey background really compliments it well. some of the other folks are getting a bit carried away *cough* everyone below *cough*. but you got the front page so good job dudester!

I-smel responds:

You could really balance out everyone who's getting carried away by pointing out a couple things you didn't like.