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Reviews for "-No Handlebars Remix- {WIP}"


that gut way down there is a bitch.




that was actuall funniely cool XD

Nicely done.

I loved this song when I first heard it, and I like it more now. The song is just called "Handlebars". But either way, nice job.


i wish it was the real thing but still good


The only credit I give you for this song is the fact that you have the audacity to make a submission like this. (Basically, te tiene cajones) Simply making a repeating drum beat to a song that you merely turned the volume down on hoping people would not hear the song's background music does not constitute a good, or even worth hearing, submission. Maybe it would not be as noticeable if you did something like continuing the drum beat till the end of the song rather than letting it cut out to playing the regular song quietly.

0/5 1/10

LOST-R34LITY responds:

well yah its not done i forgot to mention its still a WIP song. But whatever. And youtube disagrees with you so yah. Cause its on there with almost no bad comments what so ever. But regardless i understand what you are saying.

Oh and also we didnt turn down the volume we just couldnt find an acapella for the song, so we used virtual DJ to take out the music, even though it didnt work too well. ALSO, the drum beat isnt reapeating continuously (even if it was, it's better than using a drum loop.) And the drums aren't the only thing changed. This is also our first song so yeah you shouldnt expect much.