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Reviews for "-No Handlebars Remix- {WIP}"

wow pretty wacky tight

the volume could be a bit more up if you know what i mean.the emulation and the guy talking is a 5/5,rather that the song deserves a 10/10 and a score of atleast 4.34

Listen to my music and vote 5,review and enjoy(V-R-E)

the best i'v heard!

great job! for a WIP it is really good, but it seems to break down near the end. any ways nice job and keep up the good work!!

You have to tell me how...

...you seperated the lyrics SOO well.

LOST-R34LITY responds:

Well we got this program called 'Virtual DJ' And it allows you to remove lyrics, or instruments. Then we just put that into fl studio.


I alwas loved the real one ,but this one is great!!!!! keep up the good work

Cool remix.

Awesome remix! I like this one. It's a really good cover of a cool song.....with vocals! Thanks for the remix.