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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Reviews for "-Race around the world 2-"

o_O Oh my god I'm so hyped to hear this!!

Ok I'm gonna listen to it now...

The first RATW was more like the race itself. The intensity of the race and such. This one is more like the victory at the end of the race, and as such is a great sequel. It has a much lighter and higher theme, so it conveys happiness and relief more. Race time is over and the world is happy : ) Great stuff!

PS: That's one of the best intros I've heard to a song like this...comes in strong, but it makes sense

Waterflame responds:

heh, yeah thats also a way to see it :D and could work just as good. Thank you! im a bit short on words today, but i really apriciate it! :)

Great Song

Well the first one is my most listened to song from this site, but I just found this song and enjoy it as well.

My favorite of the series!

There's a feeling you get with some songs. It's only very rare but you'll know it when it happens. It's when a track really reaches out to you, when the melodies, the atmosphere and vibe changes your mood and makes the hairs on your arms stand up. There's nothing I love more than when a song really touches me in a way that no other has before and this song did just that. The main melody is beautiful and the instruments playing it compliment it beautifully. I cannot critique this, it's already perfect. I love absolutely everything about it so instead of even trying to find anything wrong with this, I'm just going to say that it's one of the most perfect songs I've ever heard. You've got talent and spirit if you can create such beautiful sounds. Great song, I'll be watching your tracks.


Is there going to be a second Castle Crashers because this would probably be the end of level music!

where do i find the vocals?