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Reviews for "-Race around the world 2-"

YAHH Finaly

i was waitin so long and the wait paid off

Waterflame responds:

Glad it did :D thanks!

I love this

Even though I prefer your techno tracks over this, I still love it and had to write a review.

Waterflame responds:

Great :D thanks!


loved the first one and i love this one more...if you got lyrics i could record them...and i could send you for approval? yes? lol but i wont be able to mix them...i never could mix vocals and make it sound good... >_<


Wow, man, almost better than the first! You have incredible skills. I could never make something like this, I don't have words to describe the EPICNESS! >=)

Keep up the fan-friggin-tastic work, I'm almost not sure if vocals deserve to be in such an incredible song as this...

So kepp on impressing me with your magical midi keyboard skills!

I look forward to hearing some other versions of this!

A fantastic Blend...

Sounds like you took and blended Race around the Moon and Race around the World 1 together to make this amazing song. xD, Here it adds onto my ipod with the other two.

~ At Ease Soldier ~