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Reviews for "Mental Issues - You"


I love your music its all amazing. This is my favorite song hands down though if you guys can make a song like this and make so many people agree with it you deserve something big. Just like everyone else if you ever get a cd ill be at the store the day its released. I'm gonna tell eveyone of my freinds about you guys, I hope you make it somewhere

mentalissues responds:

Well we like to make music that actually means something to us and not just put a bunch of randomly chosen words together and then say its done... the lyrics and songs each have different meanings to all of us in the band...
but you know even if some of the lyrics have a quite sad feel to them we still have a lot of fun making all our music... and that's the core of it all right? doing what you like and we're lucky enough to share it with everyone and maybe make their days a little brighter^^

it's so cool to see that so many people are willing to support us so big props to each and everyone of our steadily growing fanbase

peace // jester

Awesome work!

You guys clearly got potencial to get huge! I really like the chorus and the melody the guitars make, I'm waiting anxiously for your first album! Visa svenskarna vad vi kan göra för musik!


This stuff is great. I wanna help you guys get bigger. So much talent out there better then what i hear on the annoying radio undiscovered. I wanna hear more like this. man i cant really say anything else. Songs great, nothing else i can say but keep it up. Man I hate when i cant say anything else :\

mentalissues responds:

Just spread our music among friends and thats helpful enough, we are slowly growing stronger thanks to all of our fans!
So Thank you for listening / BoB

exactly as crisen put it

but this stuff is so damn good!!
love ur music!

Wow... you guys are good!

I heard endless before this one, so this one came as quite a shock! You guys are terrific and if a record of you ever comes out, I'm gonna be first in line to buy it! persona or internet sales haha, don't care, either way I'm gettin' it. Anyway, to all of us broken hearted newgrounders, this song comes to us as an anthem for the broken hearted masses! YEAH! I have a band with my friends... kinda hard to practice all together since we're goin' to collegue this summer and everyone is moving out to different cities... fuck, I wish we were half as good as you are!

Moving back to the heartbroken people... I think this song fits us right in, I just came out of a 3 year relationship... which ended by her will of course, and now only a month and so after she is almost with another guy... And is takin' every ounce of my will not bashing the dude's head in, since he's my friend... it hurts man... bitch haha. Nvm

Keep up the good work, I'll be waiting for more songs out of you people!
See you

"It's not that I'm anti-social, it just that society sucks..."

mentalissues responds:

Thanks man, really appricieateatsdshfd (yeah you know the word) the comments :)
Sorry bout your girlfriend, we wrote this lyrics when relationships felt like crap.
And if you feel like bashing his head.. you probably should ^^
Cheers m8, take care / BoB