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Reviews for "Mental Issues - You"


not as good as endless and yes like the previous reviewer you do sound like a punk singer. its still pretty cool

mentalissues responds:

Dunno what a punk singer sounds like :P

Another great song

I like the band, its proper metal, and this song is good, only thing that quirks me on this song is there's a few bits where it sounds like a more punky singer, but it's only in bits and places, this band is going to be huge...

mentalissues responds:

Haha thats what happens when you got 4 guys shouting, MORE POWER!!!!
Cheers :)

Wow this is fantastic

im too going to make a band whith my friends and this reallyinspirates me to do it well really great job and good luck whith your next song

mentalissues responds:

Hit us back when your done mate :)

Just fyi,

You guys saying this is too much like endless- you are retarded. Same style, apart from that, many differences. Anyway, good work, maybe a bit heavier to get my full approval, but then, what do i know?

-A Fan,

mentalissues responds:

Its for the ladies :) But we are working on heavier tracks atm so keep your ears open!

I like the music

but i take issue with the band name. Mental Issues? I don't know guys, now seems like a good time to hit upa name change.

Also: Yes. The drums seem to MAGICALLY fit into the song... -_-

mentalissues responds:

hahahahaha... like you said: you don't know us.
trust me... the bandname fits more than perfectly to our personalitys ^^

glad you like the song btw :D