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Reviews for "Das Beans: Ep.2"

thats it

was that fuck really fantacizing about cousin it??
I like the ending id totaly fuck that chick with her hot leglessnessaries.very very hard on material my friend the way that dude screamed like a bitch was fucking hilarious.


Don't Let Your Girlfriend Know Of Your Desires.That Is Unless She's Included In Them


Hey, you should make something besides little lumpy bean people. I think you're pretty good. You probably don't have a microphone though, huh? well... GET ONE! and make a cool series with non bean people.

Nick-the-Dead responds:

Well, I do have a mic... and I do plan on making other things besides beans. But I want to make something that's very stylized and sort of simplictic to the eye.

Also, with the simple character designs, I can make many cartoons in a short span of time. For example, I'm halfways through Das Beans Ep. 3 right now!

Anywhoo, thanks for the comments.


Hey... that was pretty good it was funny when he fell in love with the ring chick and his girlfriend finds out and kills him. Nice Work


i love this series. Animated really well and the plot is funny as hell. whoa, she just came out of the television screen. That's some imagination there. too bad that can't happen in real life. lol he was dreaming. hahahha this is a great movie!