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Reviews for "Das Beans: Ep.2"

I like it

Dude your animation style rocks hard. This was very funny i thought but myabe the neding could have been better. And i didnt get it was the girl a fantasy or was it like a day later??? any ways regardless it was funny

backstabbing b***h!! hahahah

another great episode of Das Beans, very funny indeed.
at first i was thinking, 'god, not another 'the ring' parody...', but then it came good! haha.
the graphics were really nice, the animation was smooth and the audio was great. the sound effects were very funny and the music was clear, too.
so another great episode, keep up the good work!
overall score: 7/10

Nick-the-Dead responds:

Whoa... that's neat and proper review. I love it! Thanks for the compliments.

I love this review and I hope you can view more of my work once I get it done.