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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"


What can I say? =D

Evil-Dog responds:

Epic...my favorite word really :D


It's like a guy changing himself according to his enemies.

Only to beat them all up.

Continue making Awesomeness, both you and Switch.

Although I prefer your stuff.

Evil-Dog responds:

Awesome dude! We'll continue for sure :D

Kick Ass

I don't normally listen to punk rock, but I think I'm going to need to download this. My hat's off to both of you and I cant wait for your next duel. Fives and tens all around.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thank you very much kind sir! it's great we can reach to people who don't normaly listen to punk rock :D

No way!!! :o

Definitely rocked out to the previous rounds, and I couldn't believe that a round 3 came out. Oh yeah, splendid stuff! I really did the awesomeness. Very nice melodies and chord work. It all meshed really well.


Evil-Dog responds:

thanks mucho gracias dude :D Glad you liked it!! Some Drummer boys will invade NG :D