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Reviews for "Switch Vs Evil-Dog -> Round 3"


You Two still have the touch I'm yearning in other Rock Bands or Rock Artists, please do still keep up the good work.

About the song, hmm... It's not that good from the previous two, maybe because it has that slow rhythms, dunno... But still love the rock parts of it, overall I'm giving it a 10 out of 10, for the good work that has been done, but would've like it to end with a bang, and not with a fade out, nonetheless Love it...

Evil-Dog responds:

I agree it's different, I knew some people wouldn't like it as much :) But I do

Hey Evil, i love you. No Homo.

Evil you and Switch both fuckin rock really hard and i think that if you guys hmade a whole album of these it would be platinum in like a month.

Evil-Dog responds:

haha I doubt it :P


Evil Dog u and switch are kick ass. did u two play this yourselves? if so good job guys fucking rock best of luck to u guys

Evil-Dog responds:

Yeah we did! Glad you liked it! :D
Best of luck to you two my good lad!


About time you guys came out and did this! You guys make some of the coolest stuff here, so I'm raising this can of coke up next to me to you guys. This is easily six minutes us "FUCK YEAH" fist-pounding material!

Evil-Dog responds:

haha "six minutes us "FUCK YEAH" fist-pounding material!" nice :D


very nice guitar work. Keep up the insanity you two :P

Evil-Dog responds: