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Reviews for "The Matrix Still Has You"


Man I watch this like every day! Too good! Hilarious! OMG!!! (alot better than the Matrix movies all give ya that much)



Great....the animations...great....the comedy....wonderful


I loved it even more then the original


in my personal opinion it was better than the original


What the hell happened?
After endless months upon months of massively over-hyped anticipation, the movie is a total dissappointment. Let's have a seperate summary of all the movies, shall we?: --

Agent Training-- I have to say, this one was my favourite. The only one I felt had nice animation, and jokes that were "laugh-out-loud" funny. 9/10
Subway-- For its style, it had good animation. But I can't say I like this style; in fact, I find it irritating. As for the humour...well, you basically took a bunch of jokes from other movies, and made them your own. That 'peanut' joke actually made me cringe. So obviously taken from Perfect Kirby...and they stole it from The Simpsons. For crying out loud, make your own jokes. Oh, and remember to turn the Caps Lock off when you're typing the the subtitles. 3/10
Twins-- Damnation. It was jerky for me; so I lowered the quality; and it only lost its jerkiness when the quality was at 'low'...and then it was just annoying. Fairly funny, though there were big gaps between the jokes. Oh, and LF: Your impersonation of the twins was very annoying. 7/10
Mobil Ave-- Not bad; nice, smooth animation, simple yet sylish art. As for humour... it didn't get very far with that. I liked the 'Oracle' joke, though I feel the movie itself had no proper punchline. 7/10
The Seige-- Oh boy, didn't this take some will-power to keep watching! Very nice models, but this was so unfunny it was embarrassing. So incredibly bad, and not even "funny-bad"--just really, really bad. I don't think randomness humour is really your thing. Cringingly bad. 1/10

I reviewed this a few points below my opinion on the actual movie; this is because of all the hype that LegendaryFrog stirred up before it had been released. Also, it's kind of to even the reviewing score out, due to all of the n00bish reviewing 10 on here, just because they're fan-boys/fan-girls of LegendaryFrog, and they have to suck up to him, even if his movies really *do* suck. As if *I* could make a difference. I might as well vote zero too.
LegendaryFrog, I fear your peak of humour has already been reached, and now is declining rapidly. You are still a very talented animator, but you're just not "laugh-out-loud" funny anymore. Bit of a dissappointment, really; especially since your movies seem to persist to getting to number one in The Top 50. I think you should move aside and let other animators have a chance, hmm?