Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"

It's ok...

Well some of the sounds were off...and the animation was...mediocre. But none the less it was still good.

It was ok

it was kinda funny, with the guitar killing a bunch of people.....yes....isn't this a good review, i just reitterated what happened in the movie and said it was kinda funny.


Yo man ur loading page didnt work or if that was it it sucked. Also at the end what was with that it just shorta didnt stick with the first of it its like u didnt have a ending so u threw something at the end and hope it turned out ok. Sorry bro

I thought it was alright.....

Yeah the drawings were mediocre and they did resemble legendary frog. Try and find your own unique style. The movie was mediocre and I snickered here and there. The part that got me laughing though was how he just launched the guitar randomly because he sucks. That was funny.

HEY! Does Hugo Weaving look like shit?

THEN why are you drawing him like shit!?