Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"




omfg i never knew that aguitar can doo so much damage lol!! that was good matrix add on , lol that gave the movie a nice touch to it.u got my 5 man

THAT PWNED!!!!!!!!

Duuuude you rock......i checked all your other stuffz out and it owned....i been thinkin about doin flash but now seein this i know i cant compete........lol i suck but anyway great job i would love to see more of this seein as how i love guitar hahaha (make it electric now!!!!!!!!! ****COUGH COUGH LES PAUL COUGH*****

This is awsome!

It makes very little sense that a guitar would be able to do what it did in this flash, but what the hell! Anythings possible in 2005!


that was funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!