Reviews for ""Good" Guitar Playing"


That was great. Totally agree with Drumstick on the randomness factor. The only thing about the cartoon that was off was the guiter song, but that didnt really matter since the song sucked anyways.

I cant wait to see other submissions from ya. Keep up the good work!!


That was hilarious. I love your movies.

Abercrombie-BAD, Movie-GOOD

Yes! I wouldn't mind seeing more of Rupert and Chad's shananigans<-pathetic attempt to spell. Keep it up! Excellent sound, too.

Well Brian, you've out done yourself

Good funnyness and the animation was hot too. I enjoyed seeing your style 'cause it reminded me of that Cheesey Knight a while back. I'm Ken by the way. Good work my boy, good work.

Wronchi responds:

Well, thanks a bunch bud
well, this is a bit oldish, i have gotten better, but hey as long as its funny

Umm, mmkay

wow how delightfully random