Reviews for "Harry Pwner"

Oh my!

That was strange and stuff.

The two tombstones were cool.

MessiaH responds:

Finally, someone who isn't a complete idiot.


Hairy Boner had... AIDs! Not HIV, but full-blown AIDs! Little perverted turdburger deserved it! XD Well done! *claps*

MessiaH responds:

Harry Boner had Aids? maybe that's how Harry PWNER contracted them...


very good, youre right, the graphphics arent too good but theyre not too bad either! And the theme is funny as hell :p so to that person 2 posts before me............ you suck! :P

MessiaH responds:

:o) He sure does. And the one before him too.


o by the way, this is to the dickweed who posted before me, im 13 years old, some consider me a child, little flash movies are intended for fun, it dosent "rot" anything, you stupid gay ass fuck, this dude does greayt submissions and we should all appreciate what is funny, and what he makes is funny

MessiaH responds:

See? I'm an inforcer for good on this website.

the last part of RIP is funny

Overall it was nasty x_x last part was funny I can give you credit for that haha!

MessiaH responds:

Uh huh...