Reviews for "Harry Pwner"

Interesting. Not bad. Not excellent.

It was alright, I'll give it that. good concept. I wish it was longer but pretty funny. Now that harry potter has died what will come of hogwarts? anyways, I liked it!

I don't know, Maybe you could tell us. :P

MessiaH responds:

Knobwarts it's called in Hary Pwner (although I don't think I mentioned it so fair enough). It'll probably be turned into a Starbucks or a Forfar's bakery.

its funny, but to short

I think you could have done something more with it....... but it is still good.

MessiaH responds:



Lol pretty Funny And Thats What He Would Have Said if that did Happen Is There Gonna Be a Part 2? and herminey Should Have Came In And How Eva ya Spell Her Name!

MessiaH responds:

She was in there, she was one of the only characters!


well that pretty funny
i liked it
should of named it harry boner though

MessiaH responds:

But boner starts with a b and pwner starts with a p.


ROFLMAO that was so funny...good job....it was short which is a plus

MessiaH responds:

I like to keep things short.

Talking purely flash animation here, people.