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Reviews for "Dr. Robotnik"

Total Evilness

Dr. Robotnik by artist Splosh999 envelopes gazers in total evilness.

My own thoughts on this piece, I like the fact you can see Sonic The Hedgehog in Dr. Robotnik's glasses, nice touch. Dr. Robotnik's devilish smile is great too!

Stunning Stache

You know he'll always be coming back, :) Love it!

Damn right...

It's Robotnik! Sorry, personal vendetta against people who say his name is Eggman. Very awesome work, I am particularly impressed with the amount of detail you took in even making his signature facial hair. Keep em comin'.

Also, now eager to see this 'special project'

Holy fuck

These were the only words uttered from my mouth until I started typing... then I started it again when I clicked the picture for full-scale. Once again, you impress me, my friend. Good luck with the uber secret project.

This strangely reminds me of the intro of Sonic Advance... great job! You clearly put a lot of effort into this.