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Reviews for "Dr. Robotnik"

I like it.

Love how you painted the glass very realistic and cartoon at the same time.

Great work!

Also, down to Phinny... I hope someone shoves a power ring up your ass sideways. Eggman was a horrible, stupid idea. There's a reason why he's practically obscure. Because he lives in the shadow of one of the greatest acknowledged villains of all media: DOCTOR IVO ROBOTNIK. :|

Stunning Stache

You know he'll always be coming back, :) Love it!


Dude, I think this is in fact the best Robotnik fanart I have ever seen in my life! As Sonic is a popular character to use, I have seen him a lot. It's a bit hard to make out whatever Robotnik is seeing in his glasses. As it looks very blue, I'm guessing it could be a version of Sonic most likely. I love how you perfectly illuminate this character and show all the light around him. He looks like some giant space monster god ready to take over the Universe.

It's done so realistically it looks almost like it could be live-action. If there ever was another Sonic movie made, you would be the perfect artist for it. I can make out the aurora lights or whatever those things at the poles are called. I hope you continue to make excellent artwork like this. You have truly captured how Dr. Robotnik fits as a villian and his place in this insane world. The best part might be his devilish grin, which speaks for itself.