Reviews for "Acoustica"

Great song.

This song is pretty fucking amazing. The remix has the drums fixed so their not off anymores though. Sounds like more shit was added in it too.

Not tuned.

All I can say is that that guitar is totally not tuned, it just sounds to vibrating, too much swanky bass in it. That makes it un tuned. Tune it properly, and get a better drummer, I bet you have done it. Well practice makes perfect.

Sorry but that was whack

Wow talk about crap....just kidding that was alright I guess.

I like it!


not so good

has a good rhythm
the guitar is nice, but it sounds like it entered a little late in some parts
the drums are cool in most of the song
is a little repetitive
is a nice song... but could be a lot better 6/10
but the ending was kind of cool... it surprise me