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Reviews for "Poninjas MeleƩ"

Best tribute ever!!

This is the best tribute ever! When I first saw this, i thought it was the original author's work, but it's not!! OMG!!!! Anyways, taco part was pretty funny so I give u a 3 for humour. Seriously, this is the best tribute there could possibly be.

It was good

The actual fighting itself was great, the art was very good, sound was good and so was the choice of music. But it was a bit short IMO, and the ending wasn't really all that funny, a longer boss fight combined with the ending would have worked better.

But a very good tribute nonetheless, could have fooled me for an actual poninjas episode for most of it!


seriously the best tribute of the poninjas ever!!!!

Very good

Needs to be longer though. Giant taco :0 HA HA HA :D


You know, i always refused to like pojinja's (spelling) but i think this is a very funny one ahahaha i stillam laughing rofles giant taco ROFLES ROFLES