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Reviews for "Poninjas MeleƩ"

taco? TACO??? HERE TACO!!!??

hah, i liked the taco that was pretty unexpected, and you did better than other poninjas that ive seen, no offense to anybodiez. good job

Getting lazy on me?!

Body count of 8?! Have you gotten lazy? Another thing... turn down the music a bit. This was a disappointment. The others are so much better.

Diamondz responds:

i dont understand... wat do u mean others? this is the first poninja movie ive ever made...

pretty good

that was a pretty good tribute. o and to pennymandude, he had permission, it says at preloader in small print. i liked the giant sandwich death, lol.

I Hate Fakers

I hate people who just make up their own Madness or Poninjas without even asking permission, They Suck!
Leave it to AngryMouse to do this

Diamondz responds:

i did ask for permission... didnt u see da writing under that loading bar?

your taco rocks

weird characters.. but the taco humour gets a thumbs up!