Reviews for "The Fight Mix"


10/10 and 5/5
very good song, it reminds me to captain commando
on the circus stage when you fight that weird mutant i dunno why XD

Anthouse21 responds:

Wow thanks alot! Feel free to use this if ya want!

Hey! this is catchy :)

dont vote an automatic zero? Should vote automatically at 10 :), sounds like rap as the review before, and it's intense, I give you a 10/10 and 5 / 5 you deserve it!

Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks alot man. Thats the reviews im looking for. You helped alot! Thanks again!

that would be a badass fight

i might use this for a rap song if you dont mind sometime, i really like your beats, this is intense.

Anthouse21 responds:

Hey man go ahead and use it! I wanna hear what you got. get back at me!

Once again....

Amazing job, i could see this being used on any boss fight imaginable :D

Anthouse21 responds:

Yo thanks alot for all your support man im tryin to make one of my tracks go big on one of those games like castle crashers! Please keep voting!

would work well with any boss fight!!!

dude this would definetly suit any boss fight, this tune kicks ass. keep it up :)

Anthouse21 responds:

Exactly what i was going for, GREAT comment man. Thanks a hell of a lot!