Reviews for "The Fight Mix"

awesome song

but as the guy before me said, the bass is too loud. the first time i heard this i thought the sound was too loud. the bass kills my ears. reminds of the way my mom listens to music though. this has the "revival" or " the base discovery" feeling to it.


this is very good! you should make a cd and send it to various techno stations...but there is a slight problem with this track.... it is the bass it is too much, it comes in as a static corrupt thump. but this track is good nonetheless.keepup the good work!


Anthouse21 responds:

Thanks alot, i noticed the bass being too loud it sounds great in my car but bad on my studio monitors. But good lookin and thanks for the vote! What stations can i send my music too???

not bad

pretty good song and it is really catchy from the time it starts to the time it ends. I am pretty surprised other people don't use this song in their flashes.

Anthouse21 responds:

I know i wish more people did use this track.

Pure awesomeness

Dude this song is awesome as hell i'm going to use it in my future flashes no doubt. What did the girl say at the beginning though?

Anthouse21 responds:

LOL that was my son at the age of 3 saying Anthouse Beat! lol But please let me know when you finish your flash project. I would love to see what you got! Thanks!


Best song i heard in a looong time here in NG

Anthouse21 responds:

Really?? u think so? WOW thanks alot!!!!!!