Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"


why is the score soo high! this has to be one of the most ridiculous things i have seen! 4.45! i agree with fourstar, this wasnt funny at all. smooth animation, but i really did not like it, something i just dont understand. this websites voting really is screwed up.


um...this score is too high for what it actually is...thee animation is smooth but i didnt find it funny...try again.

#1 of all time!?

WTF?! Number 1 of all time? Are you kidding me? Daily feature should be the only award and recognition you should've gotten.


you notice how this got such a high score and it wasnt review crew pick? because tom and wade noticed that this movie is not worthy and the only reason its on the front page is because everyone is giving it high scores. this is why it is overated, because this movie maybe toook a week or soo, movies like xombie, ff a+, madness, fear, swgrse take months at a time, and a few sleepless nights. people need to relize how much effort and time are put in to other movies just to please other people. this animation took very short and i dont believe it is an elite movie. there are lame jokes, i bathe everyday, one ex. its stupid, please start to give this the score it deserves 0, soo movies that are actually funny and worty of making the top 50. once people realize how this does not deserve this much attention, its score will lower and be forgoten, that is my opinion

-Mario Brotha

GAY... very, very, gay indeed...

Either everyone on this site is a retard, or this movie provokes some kind of mind control over the weak minded, cus I'll tell ya', if this cartoon deserves a spot on the top ten list, Michael Jackson isn't that freaky!