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Reviews for "The Icecream Machine"


Perfect animation, great sound, and a few laughs. All things that make a great flash video.
Keep it up man, that was pretty damn cool.
You've got some real talent.


Wonderful. ZOIK studios is the greatest. Blah blah blah compliment blah blah blah this good blah blah blah TOASTERS!! O.O... Right, back to professional

Graphics: As I said wonderful. It's far too unoften that I see this kind of smooth comical style well worked animation. Keep up this style and you'll go quite far.

Style: A good fresh movie. If anyone knows my review stlye then they know I adore comical shorts with good graphics. This... this is a comical short with good graphics so... yes... 10...

Sound: Honestly terrible sound would have ruined this for me. But nope! Your mike work is excelent, no distortion or interfierence. Whered you record the voices? You must have an excelent sound editing program or a quiet place.

Violence: Whelp, some guy got the wind knocked out of him by a high-velocity ice cream bar. I'm reasonaly happy.

Interactivity: Play and replay included, thats good enough for me. I only give tens in this catagory if the full bar is included AKA pause, FF, RW.

Humor: This is just funny to some kind of insane extent that to fathom it in it's entirety makes brain... hurt... glar... YEAH! Really funny concept to this, great work with the jokes. Keep these up!

Overall and excelent piece of flash animation. I really hope to see more stuff from ZOIK studios.


P.S. How long did this take to make? And what actualy happened in the real happenings. I asume some ice-cream vending machine was malfuntioning or something.

Ah snap

Very good, one of the top ten best animated flashes ive seen, hands down, hilarious too! Good job.

ironic ending :P

very smooth animation and sound, good work, and yes the toasters have started, redrum!

The best flash on newgrounds

Mr. Ed, I salute you. I have never, ever laughed this hard at a flash cartoon! The animation was top-notch too as was, well, everything!! Keep it up and I hope we'll be seeing more flash cartoons from you!